Director’s Statement

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Prop8protestGrowing up, I was enamored with children’s book writer’s Judy Blume’s works. I kept wondering why there wasn’t any literature, or movies, targeted at children about LGBT issues.

When I stumbled across Cynthia Chin-Lee’s picture book “Operation Marriage,” I immediately saw the opportunity of making a short film for kids worldwide to be distributed on the internet for free about LGBT issues, marriage equality and having an alternative family.

Here’s also a point-of-view—of kids raised by LGBT parents—rarely seen in literature or popular media.

I believe that setting the film during Proposition 8 is important because defeating Proposition 8 has marked an important milestone for LGBT rights worldwide. Like the fight for Women’s suffrage and Civil Rights, we know that LGBT rights have not come easy. And it is still going to be a journey and fight for LGBT equality in other states and countries.

“Operation Marriage” will be a piece of art. It will also be a Public Service Announcement. It will also a historical document of a particularly moment in time in world history.

Quentin Lee

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