Operation Marriage is Now Live!

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Crowdfunders helped us make the first LGBT movie about marriage equality from a child’s point-of-view for children worldwide! It’s based on a real family of two moms and two kids.

Based on the award-winning children’s book written by Cynthia Chin-Lee and illustrated by Lea Lyon, “Operation Marriage” is a short educational film for kids about an 8-year-old girl and her little brother trying to get their gay moms married before Proposition 8’s passing in California.

Operation Marriage had its Academy Qualifying Engagement in Los Angeles’ Laemmle’s Town Center in late September 2014.

See more about the movie premiere in Los Angeles!

For children and parents worldwide, “Operation Marriage” will be distributed for free online and may be used by anyone as an educational tool and platform for discussing LGBT rights, marriage equality, and having an alternative family.

Besides being a piece of art and functioning as a public service announcement, “Operation Marriage” is also an historical document about a particular moment in California’s history that has global relevance on LGBT rights and marriage equality. The story is told from the perspective of children of LGBT parents, a perspective rarely seen in literature and popular culture.

Emmy Award Nominated Actress MINDY COHN (Scooby Doo!, The Facts of Life) and TAMLYN TOMITA (Glee, The Joy Luck Club) play the gay moms.

Filmmaker Quentin Lee (White Frog, Ethan Mao) directed from a script by Cynthia Chin-Lee. Alan Reade produced through his company Text Engine Productions.

We raised $31,683 in donations and filmed the movie in the end of August 2014. To learn more about Hatchfund, the site through which we did the crowdfunding, please go here.


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