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Help us make the first LGBT movie about marriage equality from a child’s point-of-view for children worldwide! It’s based on a real family of two moms and two kids.

Based on Cynthia Chin-Lee’s award winning children’s book of the same title and told from a child’s point-of-view, “Operation Marriage” is a short educational film for kids about an 8-year-old girl and her little brother trying to get their gay moms married before Proposition 8′s passing in California.

For children and parents worldwide, “Operation Marriage” will be distributed for free online and may be used by anyone as an educational tool and platform for discussing LGBT rights, marriage equality, and having an alternative family.

Besides being a piece of art and functioning as a public service announcement, “Operation Marriage” is also an historical document about a particular moment in California’s history that has global relevance on LGBT rights and marriage equality. The story is told from the perspective of children of LGBT parents, a perspective rarely seen in literature and popular culture.

MindyTamlynEmmy Award Nominated Actress MINDY COHN (Scooby Doo!, The Facts of Life) and TAMLYN TOMITA (Glee, The Joy Luck Club) are attached to play the gay moms.

Filmmaker Quentin Lee (White Frog, Ethan Mao) is directing from a script by Cynthia Chin-Lee. Alan Reade is producing through his company Text Engine Productions.

We are looking for $20,000 in donations. However, we also have a stretch goal of $50,000. If we reach that latter goal, it allows us to create an even better production and reach an even wider audience.

Please donate to the film through Hatchfund at this link.

All donations to Hatchfund support artist’s projects, and Hatchfund is free for artists. To uphold this model, 5% is added to each donation to go towards supporting Hatchfund. Donors may also choose to donate a larger percentage if they wish. A 5% fee is added to credit card donations to cover the cost of processing. Every dollar of these donations is tax-deductible.

Cynthia&QuentinAuthor Cynthia Chin-Lee with Filmmaker Quentin Lee at the making of the crowdfunding video for “Operation Marriage.”

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